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ZOOM Whitening in Uncasville

Teeth whitening treatments have never been more popular. A big part of the reason is that they effectiveness of them has grown by leaps and bounds. While the earliest versions offered results that were barely noticeable, if you take advantage of the most advanced methods now, like the Zoom system we offer here at Affinity Dental Center, you’ll experience your teeth being lightened significantly.

With our Uncasville teeth whitening, you are assured of the outcome you want. It has been clinically proven to make teeth up to 8 shades whiter, all in just one session of about 45 minutes. Compare that to what you would expect to get from a product you bought off your drug store or supermarket shelf. Those over-the-counter items may also contain abrasive ingredients, which could damage your tooth enamel. Our Uncasville teeth whitening is 100% safe, and even reduces the sensitivity that is often associated with the process. That’s a lot of positive to look forward to. And it’s a welcome bit of good news when you think about the many ways that your teeth can become stained, yellow, or even brown. Every morning when you have your coffee or tea, you are contributing to the loss of your natural tooth color. The same is true of everyday choices like wine (both red and white), cola, berries, soy sauce, curry, and hard candy, among others. Smoking is without a doubt the worst thing you can do for your tooth color. And if you vape instead, we’re sorry to tell you that the effects for your smile are exactly the same.

It’s exciting to think that you can have a more brilliant looking set of teeth so quickly. Why not contact our office right now and arrange your visit to come in for our Uncasville teeth whitening?

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