Uncasville teeth cleaning

Uncasville Teeth Cleaning

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Preventive care in Uncasville

Don’t wait for cavities to form or for gum disease to cause you discomfort. Your efforts in preventive care are likely to pay valuable dividends when it comes to promoting optimal oral wellness, both now and in the future. Our Uncasville teeth cleaning is a a big part of that, because here at Affinity Dental Center we are committed to being proactive.

There are two crucial benefits to cleanings, and for such a simple and routine form of care, that’s pretty impressive. One is the elimination of tartar buildup, and the other is the reversal of effects from early stage gum disease. You should get one every six months as part of a comprehensive oral examination, including periodic x-rays. It’s all related to preventive care, because even if you do have one or more cavities, having them treated with fillings in a timely manner is essential to limiting the chance of a toothache, an infection, root canal, or even the loss of a tooth. Our Uncasville teeth cleaning puts the brakes on the progression of gum disease. If you are already experiencing irritation and redness, sure signs of gingivitis, the next step is periodontitis, the later stage. Inflammation or even infection of your gums is possible, along with alarming symptoms such as persistent bad breath, bleeding gums when you brush, and receding gums. Ultimately, you could end up losing gum and bone tissue, and your teeth may loosen as a result. But when you get our Uncasville teeth cleaning before that happens, you will be relieved to find your gums returning to their natural pink,vibrant state.

Putting just a little effort into preventive care is well worth it. Of course, you need to brush and floss at home, but don’t forget to schedule your appointment with our office for an exam and cleaning.

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