Uncasville clear braces

Uncasville Clear Braces

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Clear braces in Uncasville

When we refer to clear braces, it’s important to define what we mean. Sometimes, ceramic braces get that designation, but it is only with the clear plastic used to fashion Invisalign that you truly get the experience of braces cannot be detected by anyone when they see you smile, speak, or laugh. Here at Affinity Dental Center, we like to remove any possible obstacles to you getting the care and treatment you need. For many patients, traditional braces lead to feeling self-conscious or awkward, so let us eliminate that issue for you entirely.

Our Uncasville clear braces are not only invisible, but they have other benefits that are simply not possible with other types of braces. From the very first step to the completion of your treatment, there are aspects and features that will make your experience a more pleasant one. First off, there are no messy impressions to take. Advanced digital photography is used instead. Those photos are processed with 3D software to design them so that the machine we have right here in our office will make your Uncasville clear braces to the utmost of accuracy and precision. There is no need for an outside dental lab. And while traditional braces are a single set, adjusted periodically, you will wear multiple sets of these braces instead. Each set serves its own unique purpose in the plan for two weeks. You then discard that set, and put in the next in the series. You can remove them, but should only do so when you eat, brush, and floss. Otherwise, they stay in 24/7 working hard to move your teeth into a more ideal position. You can enjoy all your favorite foods during treatment because you won’t have your braces in when you eat. Also, your oral hygiene at home is more efficient due to having nothing in the way.

Contact our office now to schedule an appointment. Come in and determine if our Uncasville clear braces are the choice for you.

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