Tooth extraction in Uncasville

Tooth Extraction in Uncasville

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Extractions in Uncasville

You’ll probably be made aware of your possible need for an extraction when you are experiencing a toothache, which may be accompanied by swelling and signs of infection. At Affinity Dental Center, we will make every effort to help you retain your natural tooth, but when that’s not possible, you can expect expert and gentle care, with a comfortable experience.

What is it that leads to the result of losing a tooth. Advanced decay that is past the point where a dental crown can restore it is one possibility. Others include an infected tooth that is not a good candidate for root canal therapy, and a badly fractured tooth. Fortunately, with the help of sufficient local anesthesia, you can count on our tooth extraction in Uncasville to be a smooth process. The goal is a completely pain free experience. Although it’s natural to sense the pressure being exerted in the removal of the tooth, you won’t actually feel it, which is a good thing. Once the tooth is completely taken out, the wound will be stitched. There may be some minimal bleeding, but that’s perfectly natural. You’ll be given gauze to stem any. When you go home, stick to a soft diet for the first 24 hours. Choose items that you don’t need to chew, such as gelatin, pudding, and broth. Use over-the-counter pain relief medication as necessary, and manage any swelling by holding an ice pack on the outside of your mouth. To assist healing, rinse frequently with warm salt water. At some point, you may want to consider replacing the tooth with a dental bridge or an implant so that you can restore your complete smile and avoid issues such as shifting teeth and your jaws falling out of alignment.

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