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Dental Emergency in Uncasville

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Toothaches in Uncasville

Dental Emergency in Uncasville
Dental Emergency in Uncasville

Toothaches are probably the most common of dental emergencies here at Affinity Dental Center. Your teeth are strong, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t vulnerable. The cause of most toothaches is that the nerve inside the tooth has become exposed, and/or an infection has taken hold in the pulp right next to it. Our priority is to relieve your pain, and then to save the tooth if at all possible.

There are four typical types of toothaches to consider, and each one is classified as a dental emergency in Uncasville. The two easiest to address are also related: one is a cavity that has formed due to the effects of tooth decay; the second is an existing filling for a previous cavity that has loosened and fallen out. Putting in a new or replacement filing is simple. It’s just a matter of drilling an opening big enough for the filling to be added. Doing so is absolutely essential, not only so that your pain can be alleviated, but also because it is vital to close off any avenue that bacteria can use to get inside your tooth. Likewise, a chipped or cracked tooth needs prompt treatment as a dental emergency in Uncasville. Again, the exposed nerve is at fault for your pain, but the solution is different. Our dentist will need to take impressions for the creation of a crown (cap). Until the dental lab has the chance to make a permanent one, you will be fitted with a temporary one. The final common cause of toothaches is infected pulp, which is a side-effect of any of the above types of toothaches. Root canal can usually be done to repair the damage. And because of advancements in both tools and methods, you can rest assured that it is neither painful nor scary.

For a toothache or any dental emergency in Uncasville, reach out to us right away.

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